4th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology(ICRSA4)

The conference are co-organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences and UNESCO, and hosted by the International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage (HIST), a centre under the auspices of UNESCO, and Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), CAS.

The 1st International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology was organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and hosted by the Joint Laboratory of Remote Sensing Archaeology (JLSRA) in October 2004. In that context an international team of experts was created in order to promote multidisciplinary activities in remote sensing archaeology around the world. In December 2006, the 2nd International Conference was held in Rome,Italy. In August 2009 the 3rd International Conference was held in Tiruchirappalli, India.

The theme of the 4th Conference is "New Era of Earth Observation on Natural and Cultural Heritage". The target of conference is to take this conference into new territory with a focus on world heritage and cutting-edge space technologies for monitoring, documenting, and preserving world heritage.