Lijiang celebrates World Heritage Day

Source:China Daily   Date:2012-12-06

Lijiang, with its numerous natural and humanistic heritage sites, is the only city who simultaeneously holds the titles of Chinese Historical and Cultural City, UNESCO World Heritage Site and national 5A tourist attraction.

In August 2005, Lijiang established December 4 as Lijiang World Heritage Day.

The Old Town of Lijiang Protection Bureau hosted a set of celebrations themed "Rain and Beauty, Humanity and the Old Town" on Dec 4, the eighth Lijiang World Heritage Day.

The celebrations were widely broadcast on various media, including Lijiang TV, China Daily and Xinhua News Agency from Dec 1 to Dec 4.

On Dec 4, protection bureau staff came to Yuxi Square to offer onsite consultations to those inquiring about folk house renovation, heritage knowledge and cultural heritage protection.

Thirty Naxi people passed out Lijiang World Heritage Day Special Edition booklets and thousands of copies of folk house renovation, heritage knowledge and cultural heritage protection materials to passersby and tourists.

Lijiang World Heritage Day promotes cultural heritage protection and demonstrates Lijiang's cultural heritage development achievements.

Participants enhanced their knowledge of cultural heritage protection, learned about regulations for old town protection and management, and strengthened world heritage protection efforts.