Delegation of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) Visited the Center for Earth Observation


On November 30th, 2012, Professor Plinio Innocenzi, the Science&Technology Counselor of Embassy of Italy in China, Dr. Rosa Lasaponara and Dr. Beniamino Murgante of Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (IMAA) of CNR, Dr. Nicola Masini and Dr. Gabellone of Institute of Archeological Heritage - Monuments and Sites (IBAM) of CNR visited AIR. During the visiting, they had a one-day seminar with the researchers of AIR. This seminar was chaired by Wang Changlin, Deputy-Director of International Center on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the auspices of UNESCO (HIST). In the seminar, Zhao Zhongming, Deputy-Director of AIR delivered a speech of welcome, in which he hoped that both sides can carry out substantive cooperation in the field of space technologies for heritages; Liu Jie, Director of International Affairs Office gave an introduction to the research, team building and international cooperation of AIR; Hong Tianhua, Deputy-Director and Secretary-General of HIST introduced the background of HIST, its general objectives and main research interests. Counselor Innocenzi, on behalf of the Italian delegation expressed their thanks for being invited and affirmed the contribution and achievement AIR had made in the fields of remote sensing and remote sensing for archaeology.

Afterwards, Dr. Rosa Lasaponara, Dr. Beniamino Murgante, Dr. Nicola Masini and Dr. Gabellone gave presentations on their own research; researchers of AIR, Wang Xinyuan, ChenFulong, Deng Biao, and Liu Jian also introduced their research fields.

IMAA is an institute which focuses on the study of integrated methodologies of earth and environmental science; IBAM concentrates on the fields of archaeology, preservation, reconstruction and restoration of heritages. These two institutes had communicated for several times with HIST on the intergovernmental cooperation projects and submitted applications to respective governments by the end of this September. During this visiting, both sides discussed their future development and cooperation, and exchanged their opinions about research problems in cooperation projects.

After the seminar, both sides had a one-hour discussion. They agreed that this seminar provided a good platform for communication and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. They expressed that they would work actively to make governments a better understanding of the proposed projects and win the approval.

In addition, the delegation watched the demonstration video titled “Digital Earth Science Platform” and the 3-D Video Show on Observing and Understanding the World Heritage using. Besides, they also visited the research facilities of AIR.

Talks between the two sides on the scene

Mr. Wang Changlin chairs the seminar

Mr. Li Zhongming delivers a speech of welcome

Mr. Hong Tianhua introduces the HIST

Mr. Wang Xinyuan makes a presentation

Ms. Liu Jie gives an introduction to COEDE

The delegation visits the Satellite RS Center

The technician introduces the airborne camera

The delegation at the satellite ground control hall

All the participants of the seminar