Experts develop UNESCO tool for managing tourism


In an effort to improve tourism management at World Heritage sites, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre convened an expert meeting on the development of a new and innovative tool for tourism and visitor management.

Experts participating in the meeting hosted at the UNESCO HQ in Paris 15-16 January 2018 included representatives from UNESCO, the Advisory Bodies (IUCN, ICOMOS, ICCROM), site managers and professionals working in the field of sustainable development and tourism.

Designed for self-assessment, the tool will enable stakeholders responsible for managing World Heritage sites to rapidly and efficiently assess to which degree tourism is managed according to a set of sustainability indicators. By helping site managers establish a tourism management baseline, the tool will support proactive management of tourism. The aim is to promote tourism strategies, planning and management frameworks that protect heritage values, engage a broad set of stakeholders and empower local communities. The tool will be applicable for all types of World Heritage sites.

The tool is being developed with support from the Government of Norway.