The 4th Session of HIST Governing Board Held


On 4 February 2015, HIST held the 4th session of its Governing Board at the Meeting Room 504 in AIR Olympic Campus. The meeting was attended by Board Members and their representatives, HIST director, deputy directors, Secretary-General and deputy Secretary-General, department Chiefs and staff of HIST Secretariat. This was the 1st session since the Governing Board was reconstructed in 2014. Its agenda was to review the HIST annual work report for 2014, biennial work plan for 2015-2016, amend the rules of procedure of the HIST Governing Board and discuss how the Board members could better contribute to the development of HIST, etc.
Entrusted by the Board Chairman, Prof. Ding Zhongli, Dr. Hans Thulstrup, Program Specialist of Natural Sciences at UNESCO Beijing Office, chaired the meeting. First of all, HIST Director, Prof. Guo Huadong warmly welcomed the old and newly elected members of the Governing Board on behalf of Prof. Ding Zhongli. He said that the newly elected Governing Board was composed of world-class experts in applying space technologies to world heritages and would play a positive role in HIST’s future development. Meanwhile, he thanked the out-going members for their contribution to the founding and development of HIST. Later, HIST Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the International Cooperation Department of AIR, Ms. Liu Jie shared some basic facts on AIR and she said that the technological strength and research facilities of AIR would provide strong support for HIST’s development.
HIST Executive Deputy Director and Secretary-General, Mr. Hong Tianhua gave the 2014 Work Report and 2015-2016 Biannual Work Plan in light of HIST's Mid-Term Strategic Plan from aspects of institutional construction, international cooperation, capacity building and budget. The Governing Board acknowledged the work done by HIST in 2014, reviewed and adopted the future work plans.

Lastly, the meeting reviewed the amended rules of procedure, reached consensus on key issues such as the responsibilities of Board Members and the power of Chairman, and thoroughly discussed the future development of HIST. The meeting proved to be a great success.

                                                       Group photo of the Governing Board members and their representatives

                                                                                          Scene of the meeting