HIST Summary Meeting for 2014


On December 29th, HIST Summary Meeting for 2014 was held on AIR campus. All the HIST Staff including the director, deputy directors and secretary-general, attended the meeting.
Mr. Hong Tianhua, Executive Deputy Director and Secretary-General of HIST, made a comprehensive work report of 2014 introducing the work accomplished and to be accomplished based on HIST Biennial Work Plan (2013-2014). Then, directors of all the departments from both the Research Centre and the Technology Centre of HIST, and the director of HIST Zhengzhou Base made their work reports respectively focusing on the research programs, talent recruitment, capacity building and other achievements of their relative departments.
Prof. Guo Huadong, Director of HIST made a conclusion to the meeting. Firstly, he fully affirmed the achievements that have been made in 2014, then he defined the future development objectives of HIST in the fields of research, international activity, talent recruitment and capacity building based on analysis of the international development situation that HIST faces.

HIST Summary Meeting