Building databases of Remote Sensing Images and Environments on Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites

By using satellite and airborne remote-sensing data and by combining Earth science and environmental science, HIST will set up a network-based database for remote sensing images and environment information of World Heritage sites and achieve integrated management of all the data.

Dynamic monitoring with space technologies for typical heritage sites

HIST will apply multidimensional and multisource remote sensing data to monitoring and evaluating typical natural and cultural heritage sites, and provide a scientific basis for the decision-making of local administrators.

Study the influence of global change and natural disasters on heritage sites

HIST is to monitor and evaluate the heritage sites in regions threatened by extreme weather and disasters, and analyse the impacts of climate change and natural disasters on those sites.
Situational simulation and reconstruction of large-scale heritage sites

HIST will carry out 3D visualization demos of large-scale World Heritage sites such as the Great Wall, the Grand Canal and the Silk Road.